Who we are

Orgamebo started in 2002 as a livestock farm under the leadership of Willem Bos. Since 2008, we transitioned to exporting organic soil improvers. Orgamebo uses a circular approach to create a more sustainable world.

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Orgamebo is the hub in the circular process of organic soil improvers. We deliver the residual flows directly to biofermentation plants and serve as a bridge between these plants and digestate customers in Germany, France and Poland. Our short lines ensure an efficient approach.


Orgamebo manages its own transport. Ten of our own truck-trailer combinations and permanent drivers, with an additional 15 externally chartered trucks mean that quality and quantity are maintained at all times. We can work efficiently and punctually. Our experienced logistics team ensures that loading and unloading always goes smoothly.


We’re located in the Betuwe village of Kapel-Avezaath, close to Tiel and have another branch in Sohren, Germany. We also work with reliable trading partners in France, Belgium and Poland. Our extensive European network ensures that we can maintain our circular approach.


Orgamebo Trading BV