Our approach

Orgamebo ensures that rejected products, such as failed harvests and organic arable residues such as husks and crop residues, are not simply destroyed but reused. Residual materials are regarded as fully reusable raw materials. This circular concept with a green approach ensures less fossil fuel, lower pollutant emissions and a more sustainable world.

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Residual flows to biofermentation companies

Orgamebo supplies vegetable residual flows. In Kapel-Avezaath, these vegetable residual flows are produced as a grain mix and transported to biofermentation plants in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The biofermentation plants convert biomass into biogas, which is then used as green electricity or green gas. The greener energy. Biogas is therefore a form of sustainable energy.

Organic fertiliser for arable farmers

The end product that remains after fermentation is the organic soil improver digestate. Orgamebo supplies this fully organic product to arable farmers in Germany, France and Poland, who use it to make their soil more fertile. The use of chemical fertilisers is thus avoided.

The circle is completed

Orgamebo never drives back to the Netherlands with empty trucks. Return loads, such as straw, corn, grain chaff, etc., are collected from mostly regular suppliers who meet all the sustainability requirements. Back home in Kapel-Avezaath, Orgamebo reuses these products for the production of biomass. The circle is completed.


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